Shows Coming this summer 2019. Stay tuned for info.

About us

Unique, kinda like everything else. Diverse in a very homogeneous mixture, not like Oxyclean but more like an oxymoron. Dirt Rock/Split Hoof Blues from Denver, Colorado.


J'tot - ( Vocals and Harp) aka: “Gnarioshi”,“Hiss”,”Crispy”,”Mega Teenage Frankenstein”. The Ringleader, Maybe all the years of huffing paint has given him the open mental space to actor, comedian, singer, songwriter, and so on and so on!!! Somehow his connective abilities from beyond make the vision come to life! Don’t be afraid of the Monsters and Daemons, you can still take the path of pretty flowers and butterflies!


Paul David -(Guitars and Noises) and Studio magician. Does his magic thing behind the console and DAW.


Shaun - (Bass and Noises) Gear Acquistion Syndromer. Always looking for that piece that will eliminate the need for practice. It will be an endless search no doubt.


Istas - (Drums and Percussion)  Drummer for the famed Industrial band Skrew in the 90's, Istas is now taking his talents and pounding it out in Bighorn.